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General Policies


Rec Center Front Desk
The desk personnel are there for your convenience - whatever assistance or information you need, they can help or point you in the right direction.

  • Please check in at the Rec Center front desk and present your employee ID each time you enter the facility. For everyone’s safety, we cannot admit anyone into the Rec Center without proper identification.

  • For your convenience, many transactions such as court reservations, group activity scheduling and payments on lockers may be completed at the Rec Center front desk.​

Fitness Center

Along with a wide variety of equipment for cardiovascular, and strength training, we offer a great selection of wellness programs and services, led by instructors and trainers. For the safety and comfort of all members, we’ve put together the following fitness policies and etiquette guidelines:

  • Please comply with any request made or instruction provided by a Fitness Instructor.

  • Water in plastic non-spill containers is permitted in the Exercise & Weight Rooms. Food items are not permitted.

  • Return all cardio equipment to zero speed and elevation (where applicable) after use. Never exit a treadmill with the belt still moving, or step onto a treadmill with a moving belt. Stand on the sides of the treadmill before you step onto the belt in order to ensure that the belt is not moving.

  • Perform weightlifting exercises properly, safely, and under control at all times. Please do not drop or slam weights.

  • Paper towels and sanitizing spray are provided; please wipe off each piece of equipment after use.

  • Please return all dumbbells, weight plates, and handles to racks after use.

  • When performing more than one set on weight equipment, allow others to “work in” between your sets.

Attire & Footwear

At Larson Recreation Center, we strive to create an environment that is comfortable and safe for all. Please use your best judgment in your choices of attire for the public areas, and consider safety and performance issues in your choices of athletic gear and footwear for sports participation.Here are our basic attire and footwear standards:

  • Shirts and shoes are required at all times in all areas except the locker rooms and aquatics area.

  • Always wear closed-toe athletic shoes in the fitness center and when participating in class. If participating in group fitness classes such as yoga or Pilates, which are performed barefoot, wear shoes to and from the class space.

  • On the racquetball and basketball courts, wear shoes designed for court play, with nonmarking soles.

  • Exercise attire should not be overly revealing, and fabrics or accessories should not cause damage to the upholstery on fitness equipment.

  • Swimwear is appropriate only in the aquatics area and locker rooms.

Guest + Family Policy


Larson Recreation Center welcomes guests and encourages you to share the experience of the facility with your friends and family. To ensure Larson employees enjoy optimum use of the facility the following Guest Policies apply:

  • Employees and their immediate family members may bring up to 4 guests to the Larson Rec Center.

  • Your guests must sign in at the Rec Center Front Desk upon entering.

  • Please accompany your guests in the facility at all times, and take responsibility for your guest’s conduct and attire.

  • Guests will follow the same rules, policies and etiquette guidelines applicable to employees.

  • Expelled or suspended employees may not visit the facility as the guest of another member.

Children & Teens: Our facility appeals to families as well as adults without children. Parents should advise your children and teens on appropriate behavior and supervise them (where required) while visiting the Rec Center. This is particularly important in the fitness center, swimming pools, and locker rooms. The following policies are designed for the overall safety of children and teens while in the facility.

Children (Ages 11 and Under):
Children ages 11 and under must be accompanied and directly supervised by a parent or adult guardian at all times while in the facility, except when:

  • Signed into TLC (parent must remain on premises); or

  • Enrolled in a sponsored and supervised program, such as a camp, clinic or class (parent may be off premises). Children may not use the Exercise & Weight Rooms. Children may accompany an adult into the pool area, but may not use it without adult supervision. Boys ages three and under may accompany their mother into the women’s locker room, and girls ages three and under may accompany their father into the men’s locker room.

Teens (Ages 12 to 17):
Teens ages 12 to 17 may use all areas of the Larson Rec Center facility without being accompanied by or directly supervised by a parent or adult guardian as long as:

  • The Rec Center has on file a Waiver signed by a parent or guardian; and

  • The teen follows all policies and conducts himself or herself appropriately.

Dependents: Children of employees may be allowed to use the Rec Center through the age of 26,
provided they reside at the same address or are currently enrolled full time as students.

Parent Responsibilities: All parents must take responsibility for following the Rec Center’s policies for children and teens, and for accompanying or directly supervising children where and when the facility requires. Direct supervision means that you are participating side by side with your child in the selected activity, and ensuring that your child is performing the activity in a safe, nondisruptive manner.

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