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Massage Therapy

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Schedule an Appointment

(Unfortunately we cannot accept payments made from a health savings account, nor are we able to bill insurance companies.)

To ask about available times and schedule an appointment call (605)696-6431 or email Candi Glover.

Before Your First Appointment


For first time clients, please fill out and sign the forms below prior to your first session. You may bring these forms with you or fill them out before your first session.

Client Intake Form

Client Policies

Now accepting appointments.

Contact us about scheduling your massage.



Cost for chair:


    10 Minutes  -  $15.00

    15 Minutes  -  $20.00

    20 Minutes  -  $25.00

    25 Minutes  -  $30.00

    30 Minutes  -  $35.00

Cost for table:

    30 Minutes  -  $45.00

Chair massage is available for walk-ins and is only available when the therapist is not doing a table massage. You may make an appointment for a chair massage.

Refund Policy: Once a massage has been purchased, no refund will be issued.

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